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Glove Selection Criteria for Benco Strippers containing Methylene Chloride Benco Sales, Inc. certifies that the appropriate gloves for use with methylene chloride containing products manufactured by Benco Sales, Inc. are either butyl rubber gloves or halogenated treated natural rubber gloves.

Butyl rubber gloves with a thickness exceeding 30 mil will provide chemical resistance against methylene chloride strippers. Halogenated treated natural rubber gloves (also known as electrical lineman’s gloves) will also provide chemical resistance, with the additional benefit of being available in thicknesses exceeding 50 mil, providing additional protection against vapor permeation.

Halogenated treated natural rubber gloves are more susceptible to swelling than butyl rubber gloves on long term immersion in methylene chloride strippers. In applications requiring long term immersion, these gloves should be used no longer than 1 hour, and then allowed to air out for an hour to reduce any potential swelling. Use in flow type and non-immersion applications will not be presented with this problem.

All Benco strippers containing methylene chloride are manufactured with evaporation reducing technologies that allow the strippers to be handled with these gloves.

These gloves have been thoroughly tested and have been in use in excess of 35 years successfully with our products.

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