B17 Fast Facts

B17 is the most powerful stripper on the planet yet can be one of the safest when used with proper procedures, protective clothing and proper ventilation.

B17 is effective at room temperature within a temperature range of 35-100 degrees. The fastest stripping times occur between 60 to 90 degrees.

B17 is completely removed and neutralized in water. A water bath temperature around 110 degrees will help to vaporize any chemicals that may have entered the water bath and will neutralize B17 making parts safe to handle and ready to rinse without special gear. We recommend a ph between 8-10 for best neutralizing results which can be economically achieved with the addition of Benco RO 16 neutralizer or Benco RO 31 tridsodium phosphate.

B17 leaves a perfect surface for powdercoating without the need to bead or sand blast. The use of G21 is recommended when stripping steel parts to prevent flash rust.

B17 fumes should be gently moved out of the work area with a large volume air exchange to the outdoors where Methylene Chloride molecules will naturally vaporize. MCL vapors are heavy and will sink to the ground in most situations. An open garage door and a common box fan is typically sufficient to roll them across the floor and to the outdoors.

  • B17 does not evaporate like other strippers. A loose fitting lid is all that is needed
  • B17 does not lose its strength within typical commercial usage times.
  • B17 is the fastest and most cost effective way to remove powder coat and other industrial coatings
  • B17 and Methylene Chloride has never been proven to be carcinogenic.
  • B17 active ingredient MCL is banned for sale in retail stores due to improper usage in enclosed areas.