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Original B17 Starter Kit

Everything you need to remove powder coat and OEM finishes FAST from metal is included in this cost saving kit. B17 is the strongest industrial stripper available and sold exclusively from Benco.  There is no need to heat B17. Because it contains very powerful additives it must be handled per our Best Practices and Overview listed on our website.  A business ID must be provided when ordering.

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• 55 gallon Drum B17

• HDPE Stripping Drum with Lid

• Chemical Resistant SBR* Rubber Apron with soft cotton/poly liner

• 50 MIL Stripping Gloves—ANSI/ASTM

• Ratchet Style “Flip Up” Face Shield

• Chemical Resistant Fluid Transfer Pump

• Gluconate Ointment


  • Specific Gravity1.195 (9.97 lbs. / gal)
  • Percent Volatile—>95%
  • VOC Content—179 grams/liter      (1.59lbs./gal)
  • Boiling Point—104 degrees F
  • Freeze Point—Less than -40 F
  • Flash Point—N / A


Notice: Methylene Chloride based products are for industrial use only. Use only in well ventilated area with proper protective equipment.

Notice: During excessive summer heat we will not be able to ship 5 gallon pails via ground deliveries or dums via common carrier deliveries. Please contact Benco for arranging your shipment on a Benco refrigerated truck.

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