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SPECIAL—B17e Eco-Strip Starter Kit

Everything you need to remove powder coat and OEM finishes from metal is included in this cost saving kit. B17e Eco-Strip—our new “Non Methylene Chloride” stripper removes all finishes up to 3 X’s faster than the closest competing product and it’s 1/2 the price! (It must be heated to 160-180 degrees for optimum stripping strength.)  Since it’s 50 state approved chemical you don’t need a business ID to order.

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• 55 gallon Drum B17e Eco-Strip

• Metal Heated Drum with Lid

• Chemical Resistant SBR* Rubber Apron with soft cotton/poly liner

• 50 MIL Stripping Gloves—ANSI/ASTM

• Ratchet Style “Flip Up” Face Shield

• Chemical Resistant Fluid Transfer Pump


  • Specific Gravity—1.03
  • Percent Volatile—>100%
  • VOC Content—LVP exempt
  • Vapor Pressure— < 2mm Hg
  • Vapor Density— > 1.0
  • Boiling Point—189C
  • Freeze Point—Less than -40 F
  • Flash Point—93C
  • pH—10-12
  • Shelf Life—3 years when stored inside


Notice: During excessive summer heat we will not be able to ship 5 gallon pails via ground deliveries or dums via common carrier deliveries. Please contact Benco for arranging your shipment on a Benco refrigerated truck.

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