Flat Nitrocellulose Precatalyzed Lacquers

High quality, durable Precatalyzed finishes for improved performance and durability for finishing interior wood products.

These Precatalyzed lacquers contain ureaformaldehyde resin cross-linked by sulfonic acid catalyst. Formaldehyde levels in the product are low.

Blush resistant, rapid drying coatings with excellent cold check resistance, excellent print resistance and excellent adhesion.

Provides improved resistance to household chemicals.

Excellent mar resistance, chemical and water resistant film.


  • UV resistant, Mar Resistant, Chemical and Moisture Resistant
  • M76 –  40 sheen ( Gloss is 60 degrees)
  • Weight Solids—22 – 24%
  • Viscosity—30-35 seconds # Zahn
  • Recommended Film Thickness—5-6 mils wet <ax 3 mils dry film thickness
  • Drying time (72F) To touch—5-10 minutes
  • To handle—10-20 minutes
  • To recoat—20 minutes
  • To sand—20 minutes
  • Flash Point—Less than 73 degrees F
  • VOC Content—658 grams / liter


  • Available—1 gallon and 5 gallon pails

Notice: During excessive summer heat we will not be able to ship 5 gallon pails via ground deliveries or dums via common carrier deliveries. Please contact Benco for arranging your shipment on a Benco refrigerated truck.

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