F14 is our happy medium between B7 and B2 for stripping speed and aggressive cutting. A Besway product that we have kept around in the original formula for customers who have relied on it as their “go-to” universal wood stripper.



Besway F14 is a liquid, non-flammable, neutral pH remover capable of stripping most paints and finishes. F14 will rapidly strip shellacs, varnishes, lacquers, polyurethanes, enamels, latex, and acrylics. F14 will not darken most wood surfaces from stripping, yet it will remove most stains. F14 is formulated with the highest quality virgin solvents, surfactants, and additives.

  • Liquid stripper, non-flammable, water rinsable.
  • Strips paint, lacquers, and polyurethanes.
  • Caustic activated stripper.
    Note: May darken some woods. Rinse with an oxalic wash.



  • Specific Gravity—1.195 (10 lbs./gal)
  • Percent Volatile>95%
  • VOC Content—180 grams/liter      (1.5lbs./gal)
  • Boiling Point—104 degrees F
  • Freeze Point—Less than -40 F
  • Flash Point—N / A


Available in 5 and 55 gallon drums.

Benco trucks service more than 95% of cities in the 48 contiguous states. See our Truck Schedule. All items are delivered on our regularly scheduled Benco trucks on orders of 30 gallons or more of strippers and/or finishes. Freight charges apply. Restrictions on semi-truck access should be discussed with our customer service department to reach a convenient delivery. Orders that need to be expedited, that cannot wait for the Benco truck schedule, can be shipped by common carrier. Common carrier rates will apply. These shipments will be prepaid only.

Smaller orders are shipped Federal Express ground only and/or United States Postal Service. These orders will be prepaid only.

International shipments require special handling. Call for assistance.

Notice: Methylene Chloride based products are for industrial use only. Use only in well ventilated area with proper protective equipment.

Notice: During excessive summer heat we will not be able to ship 5 gallon pails via ground deliveries or dums via common carrier deliveries. Please contact Benco for arranging your shipment on a Benco refrigerated truck.

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