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NEW B17e Eco-Strip is Hot

• An eco-friendly stripper that will ease your concerns about using acid based strippers around employees.

• B17e Eco-Strip is a water rinsable, non methylene chloride chemical stripper for removing most coatings on all metals.

• Quickly removes epoxies, polyurethanes, polyester coatings, electrocoat coatings, and non-catalyzed paints and coatings from vehicle wheels, frames, brakes and parts prior to powdercoating or painting.

• Available in 275 gallon totes and 55 gallon drums.

• Most finishes completely dissolve in 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hour.

• Must be heated to 190°-200° for optimum stripping.

• Long Life—clean up to 4X’s more items than other available non-MCL strippers.

• No testing, simply siphon, skim to remove debris and replenish to top off.

• Low odor makes B17e Eco-Strip perfect for larger powder coat operations.

• More than competitive and made in the USA for great value and more profit.

• Financing available.


What Others Are Saying

“To use the word amazing is not an exagerration. B17e Eco-Strip cut our strip times in half, cut our cost in half and more than doubled the volume of wheels we strip.  Lifespan is astounding. We have used the same chemical for 6 months. Chemical loss is negliable as finishes dissolve into a fine sludge. Wheels come out clean with minimal water rinse needed.” 

  J. V.  Miami, FL


“Stripping wheels is the ugly part of powder coating. Phil came to our shop and spent time listening to our issues. He came prepared to offer more than one chemical to meet our needs. We had a heated tank and
Eco-Strip was worth the risk to switch based on price alone. I’m now signed on to be a spokesperson and product advocate because it works so well.”

  W. E.  St. Charles, IL

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